June is an 8 month old beagle mix who weighs about 25 lbs.

Have you ever wondered what a rocket would be like as a dog? Well look no further than June for that answer! When June isn't out for a walk or in her kennel relaxing, she can be found running off her zoomies in the playroom.

June also has the best nose around (hello, beagle!) and can sniff for days. If you lost something and have it's scent, we bet she could find it in minutes!

June is a little shy at first but once she gets to know you, she will be your best friend for life. She needs a little training and structure but anyone who knows this breed knows what loyal and loving companions they are! June's ideal home would have a yard to work off all that energy as well as to be able to sniff all the things, and someone willing to put in the time and care to training for her.

You will be rewarded with tons of entertainment and lots of love!

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