Kobe is a redbone coonhound mix. He was surrendered to us severely overweight and lacking training and manners. He was quickly put on a diet and with a lot of long walks and playtime with other Buddy dogs, Kobe has shed all that extra weight! He also knows loads of commands such as sit, down and paw. He is a gentleman on a leash, loves to play tug and fetch and enjoys a good belly rub!

Kobe proved his loyalty one night out on a walk with his handler. A coyote came out from between 2 buildings and Kobe got his hackles up. The handler quietly told him to sit and he sat there and stared the coyote down until he left the area. You never know what a coyote is going to do and we had other dogs out at the time as well. Kobe may have kept all walkers and dogs safer that night.

  • Type Dog
  • Sex Male
  • Size Medium
  • Breed Red Bone Hound
  • Age ~1 Year 10 Months 03/24/21

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