Chip was found as a stray in downstate IL. He was found soaking
wet after a storm on a country Rd. A Good Samaritan took him to the
local shelter and was sure he was a lost pet because he was such a
nice boy. Unfortunately, he went unclaimed. Don't let that grey
muzzle fool you, our vet thinks he is much younger because of his
pearly whites. He is the shelter favorite and spends most of his days
in the president's office lounging on a bed. He is calm and sweet
natured. He loves a good walk and is the perfect gentleman on a
leash. He never barks at other dogs in the kennel but does not always
like them when out on a leash. He may be dog selective so we are not
sure if he would like a dog buddy. This dog's kind eyes and gentle
personality will win your heart.

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